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At Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE), we are committed to providing adults in custody (AICs) with the chance for a brighter future, and that is what drives our Reentry Program at its core. Guided by our Reentry Manager, Morgen Jaco, we have embarked on a transformative journey, redefining the way we support individuals transitioning from incarceration to society.

Morgen's time with us has been characterized by remarkable achievements, with one of the most significant being the creation and implementation of a comprehensive database. This database serves as the central repository of information for OCE's Reentry Program, allowing us to efficiently monitor the outcomes and connections of those in our program. It offers insights into the actions of OCE participants, such as who secures jobs and in which industries.

Our reentry process begins not with release, but with the implementation of a comprehensive Reentry Survey. These surveys are dispatched seven months before an individual's release, providing ample time to connect and work effectively with them. This past week, the first batch of surveys went out with over 30% already completed. These surveys are more than just intake forms; they are the first step toward transformation, the data is directly uploaded into a database, streamlining our services. The release list changes daily, and while the system may not be infallible, it is vital to our mission.

A key area of focus has been the expansion of Reentry Resources. This includes building critical Employer Connections and collaborating with the Department of Corrections, Opportunity Oregon and WorkSource Oregon. These resources integrate into the database as available to the AICs based on geographic location. Through this collaboration we have been able to provide individualized job development services to over 30 AICs, coordinated housing solutions, and help orchestrate a successful job fair at Oregon State Penitentiary with 12 employers and over 100 AIC attendees. Our outreach extends to posters in institutions, videos broadcast on AIC TVs, and a revamped webpage, making it easier for employers to engage with us. Further materials are also in the works to support the engagement and development of reeenty resources.

Today, we are ready to fully accelerate our Reentry Program as it enters its full operational phase. We have shifted from a passive approach to a proactive one. With automated intake surveys, a robust database, and a growing network of employers and resources, we are ready to make a significant impact. The effectiveness of our program will be gauged by measuring utilization rates, tracking the number of pre-release interviews conducted, and monitoring the number of job offers received by AICs before transitioning into the community. We aspire to understand if OCE program participants are engaging in reentry services and if these efforts are bearing fruit. We celebrate each success, no matter how significant.

Our proudest moment was facilitating the Reentry Program's first successful match. An AIC from our Graphic Design program received a job offer before their release, turning our visionary goals into a tangible reality. We look forward to reaching even greater milestones and continually opening doors of opportunity for everyone.