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We believe that spending time in the great outdoors should be safe, comfortable, and enjoyable, which is why we specialize in providing the best outdoor shelters and furnishings. Whether you're looking for the protection of a bus shelter, the convenience of a tiny shelter, or the permanence of a cabin, we've got you covered, literally. Our extensive selection of outdoor shelters and furnishings are designed to withstand the elements and enhance the outdoor experience. We offer everything from benches and trash receptacles to mobile command centers and multi-use kiosks. Speak to our sales team for information about these and other great outdoor items, including signage!

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Products for the Great Outdoors

Oregon is a state renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. With its stunning coastline, rugged mountains, lush forests, and pristine lakes and rivers, it's no wonder that Oregonians and visitors alike are drawn to the great outdoors. Whether it's hiking, camping, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic with family and friends, the parks and recreation areas of Oregon offer something for everyone.

At Oregon Corrections Enterprises, we intend our products to be inclusive, so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. That's why we're proud to offer a range of high-quality outdoor products that are perfect for parks and recreation areas. From durable benches and ADA picnic tables to sturdy trash receptacles and recycling bins, our products are designed to enhance the outdoor experience for all park goers and outdoor enthusiasts. When you purchase our products, you're not just getting top-notch quality - you're also helping to support our mission of providing meaningful work and job training to incarcerated individuals in Oregon. So, not only will you be improving your own outdoor experience, but you'll also be contributing to a positive social impact in your community.

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Tiny Shelters

Versatile & Cost-Effective Shelter Solutions

OCE has the perfect solution to indoor living in the outdoors. Introducing, the OCE Tiny Shelter. Oregonians love the great outdoors, and your park goers like to explore, experience, and engage with nature. Give them the option to set up camp in multiple locations you want to make available. With the capability of being towed from site to site as needed, your park can accommodate guests with small cabin living, convenience, and versatility. Having these OCE Tiny Shelters on hand also enhances emergency response planning and transitional sheltering needs, providing the ability to house people quickly right where it's needed.

Features and Options
  • Multiple sizes available, including 8'x12' and 8'x14'
  • Siding options include T1-11 with board and batt, cedar lap, or Hardiplank
  • Exposed white pine interior or drywall option
  • Architectural composition or metal roofing options
  • Trex, pressure treated, or cedar decking options with foldup stairs
  • Industrial vinyl flooring
  • Electric heater

  • LED lighting
  • Solar backup power panel
  • Park shore power cable
  • Batteries with box
  • USB charging outlet
  • Choice of exterior paint color
  • Weight varies depending on features and size
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Indoor Camping, the whole year through!

Camping with style has never been more accessible! Our cabin design is all about saving your park money while providing your users more space. Cabins available in multiple styles; new models coming out soon. Complete with a main bedroom and additional sleeping space, this cabin is cozy and spacious. With the ability to choose the siding to fit your style, this cabin is ready for your specific needs. Furnishings are available to create a total package. Complete with ADA compliant accessibility. Attract campers through all four seasons.

Extend the camping season throughout the winter months

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Options include:
  • Cedar wood, Hardiplank, and plywood T1-11 siding.
  • Cedar, Pine and Fir finishes. Stain by request.
  • ADA compliant ramps available.

Cabin Specifications:
  • We supply your prefabricated cabin package. Install available on request.
  • Furnishings available, please request pricing list of options. Multiple options available to ensure accessibility.
  • Many optional accessories and special customizations available. See brochure for a detailed list of upgrades to customize your cabin.
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Mobile Command Centers

Be prepared

When Oregon Parks and Recreation was faced with severe wildfires, they turned to Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) to help them battle the blazes. Through a partnership between the agencies, this mobile command center was created and manufactured to coordinate fire control efforts.

Do you face potential emergency management situations in your agency? Contact our Sales Department today to begin customizing a mobile command center to help prepare for rapid deployment in times of emergency.


Outfitted with modern technology, this mobile command center was essential to the success of the brave people whose teamwork put out the fires and saved countless acres of beautiful Oregon wilderness, as well as homes, public areas, natural resources, and the habitats of the wildlife living in our forests.

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POWER— Solar, Generator, and shore power with battery backup (can run off grid).
SELF-LEVELING— Push button self-level with memory capability for fast retraction and extraction.
ALARM SYSTEM— Viper GPS 5806V – movement, tilt, impact, zonal, computer tracking (1 of 2 systems for tracking GPS), and NEST remote cameras.
SATELLITE TV— Auto tracking satellite TV system for monitoring national emergency news and local feeds
AWNING— Push button, auto wind retraction, and LED lighting.
COMFORT— Heat, air conditioning, and a small fridge. Communications – Satellite (mobile), VHF Base Radio and 6 portables with charger bank), Cellular (AT&T and Verizon) and a 50' pneumatic mast with directional antenna for VHF and Cellular.
COMPUTER— Networked (cellular) with dedicated large screen monitor, 2 additional work stations, and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet jacks.
SAFETY— Automatic heart defibrillator (AHD), blood born kits, first aid, and other safety supplies.

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Boat Docks

Get on board!

OCE boat docks are found throughout Oregon's lakes and waterways, providing a convenient way to secure and store boats. Made from metal and wood, they are built to fit the needs of the particular area where they'll float throughout the seasons. Durable and weather-resistant, OCE boat docks are sold in various configurations depending on the needs of our customers.

Customize your boat dock for any waterway.

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Bus Shelters

Durable, Affordable, and Safe

Aluminum construction and easily installed, OCE bus shelters are designed to fit perfectly into any community. Available with a variety of tempered glass and customizable paneling, these engineer-approved bus shelters provide durability for all weather environments. With a built-in gutter system, OCE bus shelters take the wet out of Oregon rain. Other optional pieces include bicycle shelters, bike racks, and smoking shelters. Go green with optional LED lighting and solar panels. Display route schedules, notifications, updates, and more in an optional stainless steel information case. OCE bus shelters are also designed, sourced, and built locally, contributing right back to the Oregon economy.
OCE BUS SHELTERS are so much more than a spot to stay cool or dry. With high quality OCE signage, you can brand your shelters with durable, colorful, and informative displays. Communicate transit line information and bus schedules as well as safety information and prohibitions for riders. You can also provide convenient bike lock areas that allow another subset of riders to utilize public transit. Keep the area clean by managing trash and debris with lockable recycling and trash receptacles. These durable depositories are proven, standing the test of time in the high-use parks and recreation areas from the Oregon coast to the high desert and out in the wilderness and rain.

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  • Easy to install shelters can be installed on a concrete pad, walkway or parking lot
  • Aluminum construction provides durability for all weather conditions and the ease of installation
  • Powder coated in a variety of colors for a long lasting durable finish
  • Customers can choose between tempered glass or other panel options available, depending on their application
  • A durable pre-painted roofing system with gutters for wet conditions
  • Construction of shelter panels make for easy replacement of damaged panels
  • Bicycle shelters with bike racks available
  • Optional solar operated night light systems
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For larger items such as cabins, tiny shelters, bus shelters, and mobile command centers or to receive a quote, contact our Sales team.