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Letter from Theophilus

Thank you for seeing in me something I wasn't able to see.

"Working in the Call Center has taught me the communication skills to work with individuals of different race, education and social backgrounds. I have learned patience, temperance and compassion. I see the development I have made. More importantly, I see the development in the guys who I mentor. Many of my team members have never worked a job where they have been held accountable. The opportunity OCE provides will help us upon our release back into society."

We have received many letters and continue to see more come in. The responses have been fairly well-rounded with a range of positive, negative, and neutral tones. We want to share with you a letter we received from Theophilus. Theophilus resides at Oregon State Penitentiary and works in OCE's Call Center, leading and mentoring others while growing himself. His last name has been redacted for considerations of safety and sensitivity. What he has to say in the following letter is real and in his own words.

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