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After two decades of processing laundry for OHSU, OCE informed the contract will end. We at Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) are disappointed that OHSU has chosen to discontinue our partnership of over 20 years. Our partnership over the last two decades has allowed OCE to serve OHSU's world class hospital staff and patients, while at the same time providing meaningful work and training opportunities for adults in custody who voluntarily apply for and participate in OCE programs. Adults in custody that voluntarily participate in our laundry program, also in all other programs, have earned our respect and they take pride in what they do for our community.

Through community partnerships, OCE is able to provide a variety of skill-building programs for incarcerated men and women that they can choose to participate in. OCE programs provide many valuable and needed opportunities for adults in custody. These include work skills, soft skills, certifications, training, and performance rewards that adults in custody can use to be self-sustaining, reimburse victims, send money to family, purchase goods and save for release. OCE greatly values our community partnerships that support the continuation of these programs which are statistically proven to reduce an individual's re-incarceration rate, and better prepare them for their re-entry into society. For those that have shown interest in learning more about our OCE programs, we invite you behind the scenes! Incarcerated adults would love to share with you first-hand about their experience participating in these programs, and the positive platform for a change it has provided for them.

Recent societal events have brought focus to inequitable resources provided to individuals in our communities. OCE is evaluating the state's efforts and will work toward ensuring our offerings align with what is right for our participants and our state.