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Artwork for the Children's Defense Fund


The OCE Graphic Design Team, a talented group of AICs crucial in the development of our marketing materials, recently had the opportunity to give back. They volunteered to design the 2019 Freedom Schools Annual Report for the Children's Defense Fund. This collaboration allowed the AICs to utilize their skillsets and build their portfolios, while making a positive impact.

“It is rare in prison that we get the chance to contribute in significant ways to the outside world. Working on the annual report layout for the Children's Defense Fund was a fun and meaningful way to apply the creative and technical abilities I've gained here, toward supporting a great cause. It allowed me to feel more connected with the community, and to better envision a positive role for me within it. I hope to have more such opportunities to connect with society!" – Todd, OCE AIC Designer
OSCI AICs create artwork for the community
Learn more about the Children's Defense Fund and OCE's Design/Print services.

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