The mission of Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE), in partnership with the Department of Corrections, is to promote public safety by providing adults in custody (AICs) with work and training opportunities in a self-sustaining organization. OCE is a vehicle to second chances for people like you and me who have feelings, ambitions, and dreams of a better life. In order to create great opportunities and operate successful programs, it takes incredible people at every level of our operational structure. Here is a look at the breakdown of positions within OCE.

How OCE Supports DOC

OCE plays an important role in implementing DOC's Oregon Accountability Model (OAM). Through the development of positive work ethics and job skills, OCE assists AICs in their transition to realizing their potential as productive citizens, creating positive outcomes while, contributing to society and their families.

Ultimately, the two agencies share one common goal — to promote public safety through the Oregon Accountability Model (OAM). The OAM encompasses the simultaneous, coordinated, and efficient implementation of many DOC initiatives and process measures providing a foundation for AICs to lead successful lives upon release. The OAM has six components. Each of these components connects to a part of the corrections organization, culture, and CORE process measures. These six components strengthen the department's ability to hold individuals accountable for their actions and adds a level of transparency for staff accountability to achieve the DOC mission, shared vision, and values.

OCE's mission directly supports DOC and the OAM by providing work opportunities - a key component to behavioral change. OCE works in line with the OAM through daily work and training interactions with those in custody. While OCE is a semi-independent state agency, it is closely connected to DOC, providing a valuable service to the larger enterprise and, ultimately, the citizens of Oregon.

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OCE Supports the OAM
  • OCE staff interact with AICs and model positive work ethic on a daily basis. OCE staff strive to influence behavior, acknowledge positive change, and provide incentives for performance.
  • OCE was created to provide work and training opportunities to AICs. We provide 29 programming opportunities in 10 locations to over 2600 men and women in custody each year.
  • The interaction and training OCE provides to AICs directly impacts their ability to secure and retain employment upon release.


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"The Association of Oregon Corrections Employees, the labor organization that represents the men and women of Oregon Corrections Enterprises, is a proud supporter of the work done by OCE's staff and their positive interactions with the adults-in-custody that they supervise, train, and assist daily. The AOCE recognizes the ground-breaking skills work and education that dedicated OCE staff engage in with the adults in their custody and ensure that the AIC participants who leave their work places have skills, abilities, and the self-respect to be successful in the community. AOCE recognizes that this would not be possible without a great relationship between staff and the adults-in-custody that work with OCE."
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OCE is an active member of NCIA, our national professional organization. NCIA is an international nonprofit professional association whose members represent federal, state, county and international Correctional Industry agencies, as well as suppliers and partners in apprenticeship and work programs. Correctional Industries practitioners at all levels use NCIA's wide array of professional development opportunities to network and improve their skills. Through the annual national training conference, regional workshops, a comprehensive website, webinars and informative publications, NCIA keeps the field up-to-date on reentry strategies, emerging technologies, best practices, as well as the many success stories of incarcerated individuals whose lives have been transformed by Correctional Industries. OCE is an active participant and past presenter at national conferences and professional webinars, and frequent contributor to the quarterly national publication.

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