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OCE is a vehicle to second chances for people like you and me who have feelings, ambitions, and dreams of a better life.

Corrections industries have existed within Oregon's state corrections system for the past 160 years. For decades, programs in Oregon's prisons manufactured a wide variety of products for use both within the prison system, as well as in the community. Over time, product lines evolved as corrections industries focused on the manufacture of furniture, metal fabrication, prison construction, farm and dairy products, and laundry services.

Corrections Industries operated as a program within the Oregon Department of Corrections, and industries programs were routinely subsidized by the State General Fund. As demands on the State General Fund increased during the 1970's and 1980's, legislative expectations grew for corrections industries to become a self-sustaining operation.

In 1994, passage of Ballot Measure 17 mandated that inmates in state correctional facilities work or receive on-the-job training for 40 hours a week. The Department of Corrections was expected to find new ways to expand work opportunities for inmates. The Department of Corrections (DOC) received additional General Fund support to augment inmate work programs, including funding to significantly expand inmate work crews in the community.

In 1999, Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) was established through the passage of Ballot Measure 68 by the people of Oregon with the purpose of helping DOC meet its constitutional mandate created by Measure 17. OCE, the former DOC Corrections Industries program, was authorized as a semi-independent state agency, whose finances are completely separated by statute from the DOC. OCE receives no taxpayer dollars - instead, OCE is funded entirely through sales of its products and services.

Ballot Measure 68 provided the flexibility needed for OCE to operate like a private sector business. As a result, OCE has been able to sustain itself financially and move quickly to address new business opportunities, respond to economic downturns,and expand work and training opportunities for inmates in the State corrections system.

The OCE Administrator reports directly to the DOC Director. The collective efforts of both DOC and OCE are focused on keeping Oregon correctional facilities safe and providing adults in custody with the skill set and work ethics they will need to succeed upon release.

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The mission of Oregon Corrections Enterprises, in partnership with the Department of Corrections, is to promote public safety by providing adults in custody with work and training opportunities in a self-sustaining organization.


  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

SHARED VISION - We support Oregon's community in a variety of ways.


Making a Difference

OCE provides meaningful work experiences for every offender. With training and guidance, the men and women in OCE work programs will return to their communities with a stronger work ethic and viable job skills, increasing their ability to succeed.

Keeping Current with Future Job Skills Demands

OCE is a progressive leader in developing career opportunities. By offering advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment, OCE is keeping current with industry standards and providing marketable job skills.

Leading the Way with Great Partnerships

By working with the Oregon Department of Corrections, state agencies, non-profit agencies, and the public, OCE builds partnerships that sustain work opportunities for offenders. OCE constantly explores new business opportunities and partnerships. Working together, we reduce recidivism while saving money for Oregon's taxpayers.

Quality and Value

High-quality standard and custom products and services are the foundation of what OCE does. A continuously expanding array of products and services keeps OCE current with market trends and job market opportunities.

OCE's Commitment

Working for Oregon Corrections Enterprises is an opportunity for us to help others and contribute towards making our communities safer. Each of us has an important role in fostering positive change by guiding and mentoring offenders. We make a difference!



Performance Excellence Award for 2018 that OCE received from NCIA, the national organization for correctional industries.

Award Winning

Oregon Corrections Enterprises was selected for the National Correctional Industries Association's (NCIA) Performance Excellence Award for 2018. The award was presented in April of 2018 at the NCIA Annual Awards ceremony. Able to show achievement or progress in eight of the ten best practices, OCE was declared the recipient of the first-ever NCIA Performance Excellence of the Year Award. OCE Administrator Ken Jeske accepted the 2018 award on behalf of all of the employees of OCE, its public and private partners, and the adults in custody participating in OCE programs. He concluded his acceptance speech with these words:
“Thank you for acknowledging OCE’s work over the last three years. None of us can do this great work by ourselves. To the adults in custody in our programs and the staff of Oregon Corrections Enterprises and the Oregon Department of Corrections, the OCE Advisory Council, the staff of Mass Ingenuity, and the staff and members of NCIA, I say this award belongs to all of us. Together, we are changing lives, one opportunity at a time.”

See the full story on our STORIES page.

OCE work skills certification programs give adults in custody tools for success.

Tools for Success

The OCE Works Skills Certification Programs vary in length from 4 - 12 months and are available in 13 of OCE's industries.
Each program includes a soft skills component called Strategies for Job Success. This course emphasizes appropriate dress, punctuality, attitude, and more.

Also offered are BOLI Training Programs, 2-year programs certified by the Bureau of Labor and Industries.


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Skip the Bid
When purchasing from OCE, you can skip the costly bidding process, which can save your agency in time and money.

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OCE is number 3 on the Department of Administrative Services Buy Decision with ORPIN contract number 4721.Priority Choice

The DAS Buy Decision priority table provides a sequence of priority that an agency must follow in determining an appropriate source for a procurement need.

Oregon Corrections Enterprises is listed as a priority vendor by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) on the Buy Decision Procurement Matrix. 

"Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) provides full-time work or on-the-job training to inmates. OCE provides products and services such as furniture, office setting, signs, park equipment, printing services, call centers, and laundry services. An agency must consider products or services from OCE before going out to the open market. Refer to the full section on Inmate Labor for more information."


2021_LOC_Business_Partner_LogoLOC Business Partner
OCE is partnering with League of Oregon Cities (LOC). Their primary objective is to help city governments meet the needs of citizens. By partnering with LOC, OCE can directly communicate with decision makers in over 240 cities across Oregon, who are encouraged to seek products and services from OCE and their other business partners.